Four Figs in Beaconsfield


I started my good food pilgrimage here in Berwick with the obvious; a recommendation from a hairdresser. Now I say a hairdresser, not my hairdresser because I have never been to this hairdresser before and have not returned since. In the spirit of new beginnings I had decided to get a fresh new look. Mistake. I cut my hair short, in a POB (Posh Bob) nonetheless. Did I mention it was a mistake? Never get my hair cut short again. It does not suit my head, nor my temperament. I have since made the whole household swear that they will stop me next time I mention a New Beginning and Short Hair. They may use restraints if necessary.

The hairdresser incidentally was lovely, but I am not sure if I can return to the scene of the POB.

So he suggested Four Figs in Beaconsfield. It doesn’t look like much from the front, let me assure you. I had already driven past a number of times and decided not to go it. Four Figs kind of hugs a corner block in Beaconsfield with the old Princess Highway on one side and a parking lot, barber, pizza, op-shop combo on the other. But, we all know that hairdresser’s are purveyors of local unspoken wisdom and so I gave it a try.

I was very pleased.

I have been back 6 times since (at last count).

Once you find the entrance (ohh, that sounds very on trend Melbourne lane way secret passage-ish, but it is not) and enter the cafe you discover that it kinds of stretches back in a diamond shape. This creates quite a cosy, warm ambiance. It also has seats out the front (maybe in Summer) and my favourite, a few stools at a window.

Coffee is consistent and good. Coffee machine is red and attractive. Barista is friendly. Tick.

The food is good too. I have had brunch and cake, but no lunch or dinner. My son’s recent choice of a butterscotch chocolate tart (why did I offer him a choice?) proved very successful. It was light and sweet but also decadent. They are busy in this cafe, so there is none of that horrible day old, luke warm, skin formed on top thing happening. The cake’s don’t seem to be made on site but they have sourced something very good so I will not be holding that against them. On a previous visit I ordered poached eggs that were delicious but not memorable. The baked eggs with chorizo was memorable and just thinking about soaking up the slick tomato sauce with some chewy sourdough is making my mouth water.

One of the best things about Four Figs would have to be the staff. They have been consistently friendly and helpful without being intrusive. They find that balance beautifully.

Four Figs is not setting my world on fire, but is so far is my pick for one of the best Cafe’s in Berwick and beyond. Thanks hairdresser guy!

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